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Wild Horse Wall Art Print, Wild Horse Photos, Wyoming Wildlife Canvas Prints, Cowboy Old West Decor for Home, Living Room, Bedroom, Office,

Wild Horse Wall Art Print, Wild Horse Photos, Wyoming Wildlife Canvas Prints, Cowboy Old West Decor for Home, Living Room, Bedroom, Office,

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" Wild Stallion in Wyoming" - taken June 2022. Yes - he is really in the wild in Wyoming!

Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with horses, and getting to actually see wild horses was long on my bucket list. Years ago on our first trip to Wyoming, we managed to see a scraggly herd near Rock Springs, but they did not look like the strong beautiful horses I had always imagined.
This trip, thanks to info from a friend, I knew where to look when we were staying in Cody. We spent hours looking and were disappointed not to find a herd, but all was not lost!
We found this guy all by himself and I managed to get a few shots of him.
Our conclusion was that he had lost a fight with a younger stronger stallion and been run off from the others. His body wore a lot of battle scars - many were bite mark scars and other marks look like hoof prints.
Other than his old wounds, he definitely wasn't scraggly. Stout, thick and muscular, he walked with a purpose, and he certainly seemed like he was on a mission. He paused from a distance to look at me, and then kept coming my direction. I was quite a distance away and using a telephoto lens (and these photos are zoomed way in and cropped). As he walked closer to me, he did look over at me a couple of times as he passed me, and then stopped one last time to look back. The green of the landscape seemed to kind of glow around him due to the direction of the light, and then he quickly went on his way. I am thinking he knew where the herd was, but we never managed to track it down. He was on the move and I had to take the shots or miss them.
I was thrilled to see him though!
One more bucket list added - go back in the future and find more!

I captured the photo to save the moment and its view to share with you.

Hi there! My name is Sandy Dobbs and I am a passionate landscape photographer.

► Images are printed on archival material with archival inks
► Printed in a professional lab in the USA
► Your photo will be securely packaged in cardboard to prevent damage during shipping
► Returns are accepted. I want you to love your photos and the quality of them. Buyer does pay return shipping.
► All photos are taken with a high quality DSLR camera and lenses.
► Photos are shot and printed with love

Production and Shipping Time:

Glossy Photo Paper: 5 days for printing, 5 days for shipping.

Ready-to-Hang Canvas: 5 days for printing, 5 days for shipping.


There are 3 ways to print these images.
1) Premium Glossy Photo Paper are high quality, professional paper-prints.
Sharp, Vivid and rich Color sets this apart from a casual photo print.
You'll feel like you're there.
Premium Glossy Photo Paper will last a long time.
This option is available in 8x10 inches, 11x14 inches or 16x20 inches.
They are designed to be placed in a glass frame, which can be purchased separately (starting at a few dollars at your local Target or online).

2) Ready to Hang Canvas are ready to hang right out of the box with zero assembly required. Ultimate convenience.
Gorgeous finished look. It comes out of the shipping box finished and ready to hang with a simple nail in the wall.
Canvas Prints are a well-known, high-end way of displaying photographs.
1.5 inch thick wooden stretcher-bars that give it shape, in the same way an oil painting is traditionally assembled. There are no staples or ugly lines visible on the sides (very important).
Estimated delivery time for printing, assembling, packing and shipping is around 10 days.

3) Ready to Hang Canvas (split into 3 panels)


This is for larger pieces, and the photograph is split into 3 even panels, 3 separate canvas panels which put together make a single large image.
This gives a modern look, and allows spectacularly large sizes on your wall!

Have questions? Feel free to message me! I'd love to help you find the perfect piece for your home.

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Don't see the size you want? Prefer to have a photo cropped or horizontal? Want a photo printed on a mug? Just message me what you want and I'll do my best to make it happen.

Digital images and prints may not be reproduced, copied or shared without prior consent from me

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