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Sandy Dobbs Fine Art Photography LLC Privacy Policy.

Last updated:11/29/23

Please know the following:

I do not add your name to an email list without your permission. You have to opt in to my list (agree to that yourself). If you sign up for the email list, I will NOT sell, rent, or share your personal information, and will only contact you regarding this store.

  Your personal information from payments or from signing up to the email list will never be sold or shared with other businesses or individuals unless I'm legally obligated to do so.

 I DO use google tracking codes to gather information about customer behavior on this site. I don't share or sell the information.

 Google collects data from and relating to logging into Google accounts to track online activity. They also may show you personalized ads if you have opted into those services.

You do have the choice of opting out of this by visiting Google Analytics here:



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